Over 40 years of experience in the tourism industry.

The Jaguar Expedition Co. is part of a tourism company that is a pioneer in offering unique and memorable experiences to tourists in Mexico in the most spectacular locations of the Caribbean.

Forever 40 years we are expert tour operators for the most important cruise lines of the world, in archaeological zones, jungles, beaches, cenotes, sea, reefs, haciendas and villages, using the most innovative vehicles and accessories of the tourism industry.

The best activities and expeditions in Progreso and on the Maya Coast for your next vacation.

Reserve the JAGUAR TRUCK EXPEDITION for your next vacation to Progreso, Yucatan and on the Maya Coast, Quintana Roo. Live unforgettable experiences like bird watching on a bicycle tour, the Archaeological zone of Xcambo and paddle boarding on a tranquil lagoon, the perfect day full of emotions.

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